Below are applications created by Minecraft Info.

MCI Screensaver 3

Version: (ChangeLog)
Requires: Minecraft 1.6.2+ and OpenGL 3.0+
Support: Forum Thread

The screensaver has 5 modes: Blockfield, Falling Blocks, Minecraft Logo, Rotating Cube and Title Screen. Version 3 has been designed for Modern graphics cards and requires a GeForce 6 or higher (Radeon HD 2000 or higher). It requires Minecraft 1.6.2 or higher to be installed.

MCI Screensaver 2

Version: 2.5 (ChangeLog)
Support: Forum Thread

The MCI Screensaver 2 is a remake of MCI Screensaver 1. Its more optimised and stable than its predecesor. It currently has 6 modes: Animated Mobs, Blockfield, Falling Blocks, Minecraft Logo, Minecraft Title Screen and Rotating Object. By default it will randomly choose a mode each time it is ran.

MCI Screensaver 1

Version: 1.14 (ChangeLog)

The MCI Screensaver is a Minecraft styled screensaver with multiple modes. It currently has 5 modes; one with a rotating cube, one that emulates the Minecraft Logo, one with falling blocks, one thats simmiler to Starfield but with blocks and one which shows animated mobs. By default it will randomly choose a mode each time it is ran.

MCI Fireworks

Version: 1.3

MCI Fireworks allows you to fill your Singleplayer Inventory with fireworks. Requires Minecraft version 1.4.6 or higher.
  • Download (~341KB) (Windows XP or Higher)

Signature Badge Editor

Version: 1.2

Signature Badge Editor is an application designed for use with zoram's Minecraft Badge images. Its designed to simplify the task of creating your own signature by automating the process. Comes with 53 badge images.
  • Download (~1.96MB) (Windows XP or Higher)