MCI Screensaver 2 ChangeLog
Below is the ChangeLog for MCI's Screensaver 2.

Version 2.5
  • Added basic 1.6.2 support. Animated Mob mode is disabled when 1.6.2 is detected and the fallback terrain.png is used
Version 2.4
  • Improved Archive Error Handling
Version 2.3
  • Added Unicode Subtitle Support
  • Added Player Skin to Animated Mobs
  • Added Random Duration to Animated Mobs
  • Improved Compatibility with Vista/7/8
  • Misc Bug Fixes
Version 2.2
  • Completed the Music System
Version 2.1
  • Added ability to import Minecraft's Subtitles
  • Added Custom Backgrounds
  • Added Basic Music System
  • Added Advanced options for the Minecraft Logo Mode
  • Added Support for Custom Minecraft Fonts
  • Added ability to render Stairs
  • "Finished" the Minecraft Title Screen Mode
  • Fixed several Memory Leaks
  • Improved Animated Mobs Mode
Version 2.0
  • Initial Version