MCI Screensaver ChangeLog
Below is the ChangeLog for MCI's Screensaver.

Version 1.14
  • Added Custom Skin Option for "Steve"
Version 1.13
  • Added "Wake Rate" option to Falling Blocks and BlockField
  • Added Creaper to Mob Profile
  • Fixed loading of Texture Pack "Pack.png" Images
Version 1.12
  • Added "Safe Mipmaps" option
  • Added Custom Music List
  • Added Fullscreen Preview ability
  • Added Error Logging ability
  • Added Zombie to Mob Profile
  • Fixed an OpenGL bug
  • Fixed Memory Leaks
Version 1.11
  • Texture pack bug fixed
  • Partial support for texture packs above 16x16
  • Random screensaver mode selection bug fixed
  • Mob Profile mode added(work in progress)
Version 1.10
  • Ability to play Minecraft Music added
  • Configuration bit simplified
  • Optimised rendering
  • Texture Pack Support added
Version 1.9
  • Added Fall Speed to MCI Logo's Options
  • Optimised rendering
  • Disabled Level Test Mode (Incompatible with 1.3)
  • No longer runs if a fullscreen application is detected(Such as a game)
Version 1.8
  • Added option to capture the desktop and use it as a background image
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screensaver to freeze if Next Random Screensaver Duration was set with a mode other than Random selected
Version 1.7
  • Added ability to randomly select another Screensaver mode every X Minutes.
  • Added ability to Default the Minecraft Logo and Block Types.
Version 1.6
  • Added New Blocks introduced in the latest patch (Excluding Coloured Wool).
  • Added ability to select which Screensaver modes will be picked when random is selected.
  • Added 2 new modes, Falling Blocks and Blockfield(A Minecraft version of XP's Starfield screensaver)
Version 1.5
  • Dropdown box's can no longer be typed into
  • Block Type Name box seems to work properly now
Version 1.4
  • Most Options can update the Preview Window in real time.
  • Background Tile now displays properly in the Preview window.
  • Hints added to certain options (Ones that may not be obvious)
  • Use Menu Background added to the 2 Modes (Forces the background to look like Minecraft's Menu)
  • Block Map's background is now a checker pattern instead of Fuchsia
  • Random Fall Chance and Random Fall Spread options added to allow users to control how the blocks fall.
  • Subtitles added.
  • Default options of some sections have changed.
Version 1.3
  • Now checks to see if wglChoosePixelFormatARB exists before trying to use it. Evil Intel Cards don't support it(Even though its been around since 2000). This was broken earlier(It use to check before trying to use it).
  • Default buttons added to some of the settings pages.
  • Random Duration added. After this time the blocks will be changed to a new random block if Random block type is selected. Note that with the logo mode it will wait until it restarts its animation, so it won't be exactly whatever time you put in the box.
Version 1.2
  • Block Type Selectors now display 16x16 small images beside the block names.
  • The Terrain.png Atlas is re-mapped to a 512x512 texture at runtime. (Reduces rendering errors)
  • Users can now select multiple background textures and the screensaver will pick one at random when launched.
  • Preview window added to the Config screen.
  • Block Map Image added which allows users to draw there own Minecraft Logo.
  • MipMap option added.
  • Angle options added.
  • Test Level mode is now selectable. It doesn't get picked when Random is selected. Its far from finished, requires a World1 to exist (Or it will proberly crash). Its called "Test Level" for a reason, its a test.
Version 1.1
  • Rendering Side Improved. It now has the speed of "Performance" with the Quality of "Quality" mode.
  • You can now select what Block the screensaver should use with the Rotating Cube and Minecraft Logo modes(Including "Random").
  • Block Type Editor added to the Config bit. Allows custom blocks to be made. Also makes it future proof allowing users to add new blocks Notch makes without the screensaver needing to be updated.
  • Sending no parameters now makes it run the Config like other screensavers.
  • Latest Grass+Leaves now displays as Green(Default texture is grayscale).
  • Should scale over multiple monitors. Assuming forum threads on the subject are correct.