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LED Monitors (Also known as Pixel Panels) are a single block with a 16x16 area of coloured pixels. Right Clicking on a LED Monitor with a Hammer accesses its GUI. In the GUI you can set its image by clicking first on the colour selectors to set which colour will be drawn when the drawing area is left or right clicked. Clicking (or holding the mouse button down) draws in the drawing area. Note that you must click on the update button for your changes to be saved. When the LED Monitor is right clicked it works like a button. You can make it send a remote redstone signal by linking a location in its GUI (Block that recieves signal must be compatible with wireless signals).

The LED Monitor has 4 rendering modes which can be set in the GUI. Coloured, Coloured and Transparent, Grayscale, Grayscale and Transparent. White pixels are not drawn when Transparency is set.